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who we are

Amrutleela is a financial services company based in Mumbai, and has been empowering retail investors across the country since 2006.We provide simple yet powerful investment opportunities across stock & commodity markets that empower you to meet and exceed your financial goals. Our products are backed by strong market research, in-depth local knowledge and tempered with the wisdom of our own trading advisories.Catering to a wide variety of investing needs, our solutions are flexible and structured around your specific requirements.Our commitment is to help your investments reach their maximum potential.

our vision

No matter where you are in life, whether preparing for your child’s future, saving up for your dream house or planning a luxurious retirement , we give you the power to take your financial dreams into reality.

Building on our commitment to empower, we have invested resources into newer technologies that will make your investment decisions easier. This has earned us the reputation of being a constant innovator in the financial sector and we strive to remain future ready by tirelessly improving and strengthening our existing systems.

our values

In a short period of time, Amrutleela has rapidly grown in size but we have always stayed in touch with our core values.

  • We value customer relationships

    We have grown because of the value we place in our relationship with our customers. We continue to value the forging of deep customer relationships based on honesty and trust. We never promise more than we can deliver and we always deliver on what we promise.

  • We value simplicity

    We believe that “ In markets, Honesty is Power, Simplicity is Energy & innocence is the ability”

    We continuously strive to provide simple but innovative & professional solutions that our clients can appreciate and profit from.

  • We believe in facts

    We don’t rely on speculation or gut feeling. Our operations are based on research. We rely only on the results of the research and analysis of our team of researchers and market analysts. We take the time to verify information to ensure that any decision is based on hard facts.

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