Equity Derivative Strategy

Equity Derivative Strategy

  • Traded Instruments
  • Traded Exchange
  • Investment Psychology
  • Time Horizon
  • Risk Return Matrix
  • Nifty, Bank Nifty & Equity Scrip Derivatives
  • NSE
  • Short Term Mometun Trading
  • 1 Year & Above
  • High Risk - High Return

Strategy Objective

The strategy aims to capture short term price movements in both rising & falling markets using technical analysis to identify strong break-out points for entry & exit signals. Disciplined execution with a stringent risk & money management helps achieve extra-ordinary results with a calculated risk.

Strategy Highlights

  • High Profit Potential.
  • Trading in highly liquid (top traded) derivatives only.
  • Opportunity to capture profits in Both rising & falling markets
  • Disciplined Execution
  • Emotion Free Trading
  • Proven & Backtested Trading Systems
  • Stringent Risk & Money Management
  • Complete Transparency & Control

Who should consider Equity Trading Strategy ?

  • I am already invested in FD's, Mutual Funds Etc. and I wish to generate HIGHER RETURNS on my investement with a calculated risk.
  • I wish to make profits in equity futures & options but do not have the expertise.
  • I wish to follow a PROFESSIONAL TRADING PLAN for my investment in markets.
  • I wish to invest / trade for a SHORT TERM horizon of 2-3 years.

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