Equity Investment Strategy

Equity Investment Strategy

  • Traded Instruments
  • Traded Exchange
  • Investment Psychology
  • Investment Periodicity
  • Time Horizon
  • Portfolio Allocation
  • Equity Scrips ( Shares of Leading Companies )
  • NSE & BSE
  • Buy & Hold
  • Every Month / Every Quarter
  • 5 Years & Above
  • 70% Large Cap (Selection from Top 100 Companies)
  • 30% Mid Cap (Selection from Top 500 Companies)

Strategy Objective

The strategy aims to build wealth consistently over a period of time by buying equity shares consistently & regularly year after year. Intelligent Selection of Scrips coupled with disciplined investment & compounded growth helps achieve extra-ordinary returns.

Strategy Highlights

  • Professional Selection of Scrips
  • Diversified Portfolio Allocation
  • Disciplined Savings
  • Direct benefit of Company Dividends & Bonus
  • Power of Compounding
  • Rupee Cost Averaging
  • Lower Execution Costs
  • Tax Free Returns over 1 year.
  • Complete Transparency & Control

Who should invest in Equity Investment Strategy ?

  • I wish to create LONG TERM WEALTH and build a STRONG EQUITY PORTFOLIO.
  • I wish to invest every month for DISCIPLINED SAVINGS.
  • I wish to invest for LONG TERM FINANCIAL GOALS such as retirement planing, child's education/marriage etc.
  • I wish to follow a PROFESSIONAL TRADING PLAN for my investment in markets.

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